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Vidres a la sang [Death Metal]
Origine : SPAIN (08)
Année de création : 2002
Statut : Actif

Groupe ajouté le 20/10/2006 10:10:00 par darquos
Dernière MAJ le 16/10/2009 16:10:40 par darquos

Line up actuel :

Informations non encore renseignées.

Biographie :

VIDRES A LA SANG was formed in February 2002 as an extreme music project without any special aim to be labelled, but not trying to innovate either, as it seems to be the current trend.

From this point, many idead emerged giving shape to this project, with the result you can actualy hear. The synthetized result is the blend of the most important Metal styles for the band: Black, Death and of course Heavy Metal. And talking about references in each style, they could be IMMORTAL, MORBID ANGEL and IRON MAIDEN.

All this gives a a result VIDRES A LA SANG mixed with the fact that their lyrics are entirely sung in catalonian and dealing about poems of the recetly defunct catalonian poet Miquel Martí i Pol. And everything's joined with a sound that will make everyone's ear bleed.

During the months of November and December 2003, the band decided to enter the AXtudios to record their debut album “Vidres A La Sang”, that would be releases on a self-financed way in March 2004, although on a very limited edition. Shortly after, XTREEM MUSIC got in touch with the band to offer them a record deal as well as re-releasing their debut album, this time with a much better design and a wider promotion and distribution, thing that was accepted by the band so this way “Vidres A La Sang” was re-issued in July.

VIDRES A LA SANG, above any kind of label, is just extreme music, VIDRES A LA SANG is feeling, honesty, pain, rage and a defiance to death.

Discographie :

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