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Ouroboros [Brutal Death]

Origine : FRANCE (31)
Année de création : 1997
Statut : actif

Groupe ajouté le 22/05/2006 20:05:00 par darquos
Dernière MAJ le 18/10/2009 17:10:29 par Alexandre

Line up actuel :

Chant : Ash
Guitare : Fab "Snakebite" ( Divine Agony)

Biographie :

Le groupe est en stand-by

Mid 1997 the duo formed of Fab(guitar) & Ash(lyricist-growler) baptized themselves OUROBOROS !
(CLICK HERE for a detailed, yet unboring, Biography)

From Autumn 2000 to Winter 2003 , the band from Toulouse (SW of FRANCE) had a solid 4 members line-up.The Mcd 'Critical Perspective' came out Mid 2002 through SNAKEBITE Productions & Distribution, label managed by their founding members Ash and Fab. 'Critical Perspective' received honest reviews and support from the Underground.

January 2004 back to a duo form, a black period for the band. Since September 2005 Ouroboros counts a line-up of 4 brutal members.The first Album is still in the works, to enter studio hopefully in 2006.

Playing the most frenzied style of brutal death metal is the actual direction of OUROBOROS. To play more, and more concerts... Crushing!!!

Discographie :

  • 2008 Sheeding Skin commentaires (0)
  • 2002 Critical Perspective commentaires (0)

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