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Leprosy terror [Thrash Death Metal]

Origine : SPAIN (08)
Année de création : 1986
Statut : Actif

Groupe ajouté le 27/08/2008 21:08:00 par darquos
Dernière MAJ le 22/02/2009 17:02:48 par Alexandre

Line up actuel :

Informations non encore renseignées.

Biographie :

The band was formed in late 1986, when Eusebio, Juan Pedro, and Ricardo made the decision to get together and cover metal standards and play some tunes of their own. They managed to play live in Barcelona and Gerona, but the lack of a suitable rehearsal room and an unstable line-up made the band stop in 1991. In 1993, Leprosy Terror came back to life with a new line-up. This time, their sound was more aggressive, and after a couple of gigs they received positive reviews from the metal fans. They released a demo tape simply titled Advanced Taped ’95 , which was sold-out at once. After that, they released an EP titled The Faces of Terror through Repulse Records. This new stuff was well received and more gigs were booked at Madrid, Aragon, and so on, sharing the stage with important Spain-based bands such as Aspid (Esp), Ktulu and Barón Rojo. In early 1998, Leprosy Terror entered the studio to record nine tracks to be featured on the band’s first full length. However, in spite of the outcome quality, the album release was cancelled due to the addition of a new singer (Luis), replacing Javi. The band start to work hard because of the incorporation of Luis as singer. In 1999, more gigs were booked and a new demo tape, titled New Tape ’99, was recorded with the new line-up. However, the band ceased to work once again, this time due to personal differences. In 2003, the band reformed with new members. They penned new songs and one out of them is featured on a split EP, with two more bands, only released in Palafolls. Their sound is even more aggressive than before. Currently, Leprosy Terror continue to play live and write new songs.

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Discographie :
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