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Horroris Causa [Death Metal]
Origine : ANDORRA
Année de création : 1994
Statut : Actif

Groupe ajouté le 15/03/2007 22:03:00 par darquos
Dernière MAJ le 01/11/2009 16:11:10 par Alexandre

Line up actuel :

Informations non encore renseignées.

Biographie :


Horroris Causa is a project that was born in the first 90’s, near 93-94, but this idea becomes reality in 2004. In this year the band recorded his first demo at Orion Studios (Andorra), with the help of several Persefone’s members. In the beginning, this project was conceived as a “non-serious” idea, but the band hopes that it grows and becomes something stable. Nowadays the band is formed by the members of different bands like: PERSEFONE, GWÄRROTEVILLE and WEESHIRT. The band is looking forward to record the next work in the near future.

Discographie :
Pas encore d'album de enregistré dans notre base de donnée.

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