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Growing Cells [Thrash/Death Metal]
Origine : SPAIN (08)
Année de création : 1996
Statut : Inactif

Groupe ajouté le 25/10/2009 14:10:00 par Alexandre
Dernière MAJ le 28/10/2009 10:10:18 par Alexandre

Line up actuel :

Informations non encore renseignées.

Ancien line up :

Basse : Ricard "The Bestial SwordMas" ( Redimoni)
Batterie : Thundering DrumBashe ( Redimoni)
Guitare/Chant : Carles "Thy Mighty Apocalypt" ( Redimoni)
Guitare/Chant : Francesc "Fiendish Warrior 666" ( Chaosgoat ex-NUN SPITE Redimoni)

Biographie :


The band began in 1996. Its members, who came from other bands, were looking for an own sound identity into the old thrash & death metal. In those days the band had three members: Alex( drums ),'Cesc & Carles guitars.

But when their singer Elena joined the band they developed their style ; melodic, fast & original, mixing the different ways of "metal".

At the end of 1997 the band line-up was completed when Ricard, the bass player & one of the most important elements to add depht to the sound, joined them.

The lyrics of Growing Cells have a lot of variety, they are about feelings and emotions, with an imaginative point of view and sometimes lyrics go to places where only imagination can reach.

In November of 1998 they decided to record 9 songs which are included in their first CD, released in the beginning of 1999.

In December of 2001 Elena decides to leave the band and after a brief period of incativity Mireia joins the band as a new singer.

In August of 2004 Growing Cells dies.
Carles, Alex, Ricard and Cesc went ahead with ReDimoni. ( ) 
Helena is a solo singer aka Hel ( ) 
Mireia sings in a metal band called Agon ( ) 



Alex - drums (Redimoni)
Ricard - bass (Redimoni)
'Cesc - guitar, vocals (Redimoni, Nun Spite)
Mireia Ferré - lead vocals (Agon)
Carles - guitar (Redimoni)

Elena - lead vocals

Discographie :

  • 1998 Growing Cells commentaires (0)

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