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Chaosgoat [Black Metal]
Origine : Spain (08)
Année de création : 2008
Statut : Actif

Groupe ajouté le 29/12/2008 17:12:00 par Alexandre
Dernière MAJ le 29/12/2011 22:12:09 par Alexandre

Line up actuel :

Guitare/Chant : Francesc "Fiendish Warrior 666" ( ex-Growing Cells ex-NUN SPITE Redimoni)

Biographie :

Exhumating old demo recordings from a long time ago, the CHAOSGOAT is unleashed to finish what never had a wicked end.
In other words, the curse consist of this: a bunch of damn putrid songs written and recorded back in 1995, have remained undertaken and instrumental waiting for a fiend who spells unholy blasphemies on them. And this what CHAOSGOAT will do.
CHAOSGOAT is formed in the past and now by Fiendish Warrior 666 (vocals, all instruments and programming).
CHAOSGOAT music is damn weird, obscure and mayhemic. It is not suposed to be liked by anybody but myself. It's my personal evil perversion and musician pleasure, that I will share with anybody who dares to listening to it... and maybe there's another wicked mind in this hell who understands and/or likes it. Or maybe not, I don't fucking care!
A demo recording session is near. The demo will be uploaded to this profile player, and also available for download.
After this, the complete work will be completed with a professional recording and mixing. All news will be posted here.
See you in Hell,


Francesc en studio (Premier Septembre 2011) :

Discographie :

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