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ILBELTZ [Pagan/Black Metal ]
Origine : SPAIN (20)
Année de création : 1998
Statut : Inactif

Groupe ajouté le 29/10/2009 22:10:00 par Alexandre
Dernière MAJ le 29/10/2009 22:10:00 par Alexandre

Line up actuel :

Informations non encore renseignées.

Biographie :

The group that later became Ilbeltz was founded in San Sebastian. The music styles practised so far looked like far away from the ideas we had at that moment, and our purpose was to play heavy metal but not any kind of it. Even though different feeling will appear all through our songs, they had to be at the same level; that is to say by keeping the possible highest feeling. 

Finally the group adopted the name of Ilbeltz and we played various concerts with the following members: Ibai Mendinueta (guitar and voice), Haritz Solupe (guitar and chorus), Aritz Ipinazar (bass), Joseba Zubiaurre (drums). 

As our purposes became wider with the development of our music, the members of the group also changed: 
Ibai Mendinueta: both lead and rhythm guitar, main voice, chromatic accordion, and key board. 
Haritz Solupe: both lead and rhythm guitar, whistle, and chorus. 
Egoitz Andonegi: bass. 

And the following people collaborated in the recording of this CD. 
Barrene: drums. 
Beleak: screams  
Olatz Oiarbide: flute. 
Eate: growls  
Leire Elizes: violin. 
Jon Troitiño and Oier Elorza: txalaparta. 
Julen Sota, Iker Goñi; Oihane Arruarte eta Idoia Arana: irrintzi, garrasi eta txistuak. 

Concerning the style, we think that there are some similarities between both classical and extreme metal, and we are looking for that among other things. 

But we also like other musical styles apart from the heavy (being that the main pillar of the group): classical music, blues, jazz, Celtic music, ethnic music and many more. 

Dealing with the two songs we have chosen for this CD, we could say that they represent two faces of our mood but they are one at the same time. In the first one, "Itsasoaren nigarra", taking into account the lack of an orchestra, the intro is played with a key board, although it was written for a concert. This song especially shows our classical side, although many guitars and black voices can be found there. 

We consider very important that music should be a self-sufficient way of expression, and the presence of more passages without lyrics is representative of that. 

The song "Itsasoaren nigarra" expresses a situation in which a whale fishing boat regrets fighting in the army in the name of the King and God, so then they ferociously fight against a galleon of the king and win making the galleon sink. 

In the place where the whale does not need to breath, there is a fisherman who will not use the harpoon once more. He feels in peace himself, and so being more merged into nature, he is capable of perceiving the conversation between the moon and the sea (quite an non-understandable duty for the vast majority). 

The melodic voice represents a fisherman who was as lucky as to see the victory. Meanwhile, the black voice stands for a sailor who lost his life in the depth of the sea. Then at first their combination shows the survivor´s rage echo spreading all through the sea. Likewise at the end, the echo comes from the words of the dead, who knows from his peaceful mood that the fishermen will sink soon. 

Concerning the song "Orreaga", we have to mention that it is one of our longest songs together with the previous one. Being instrumental means freedom and pleasure for us. 

This song is the musical narration of the fight between the Wascones and the troops of Charlomagne in Orreaga. It is easy to find out a lot information about that in history books. The first acoustic passage, the beginning of the song, shows the peace, calm and beauty of the landscape, which is broken when drums and distortion enter as representatives of the slow troops´ oppressing power. 

Later tension grows up until it turns out to be a neverending fight. Many different points of view may be understood within the battle, and all of them will continue until they vanish in the final attempt.

Discographie :

  • 2001 Triarchy of Vasconia (Split) commentaires (1)

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