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Haemophagia [Death Metal]

Origine : SPAIN (25)
Année de création : 0000
Statut : Actif

Groupe ajouté le 27/11/2006 11:11:00 par darquos
Dernière MAJ le 29/10/2009 21:10:05 par Alexandre

Line up actuel :

Informations non encore renseignées.

Biographie :

Roger Santallusia and Gerard Porqueres, members of the trash-death metal band Mortuary, decided to begin a new project together when this one vanished.
The band began playing death metal influenced by bands like Death, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and many more…
During this period of the band creation (called in the beginning Triskaidekaphobia) They suffered some changes from the members. At first it was with Gerard Porqueres at the guitar, Alex Medvedev at the Drums, Miquel Rey at the bass and Roger Santallusia as the vocalist.
The band turn to a harder style of music because of the influences of bands like Devourment, Disgorge(USA), Dying Fetus and Suffocation.
Miquel Rey abandoned his place in the band and Roger Santallusia took it keeping also his task as the vocalist.
By the end of 2005 Daniel Montalà joined the band as the bass player and Roger changed the bass for the guitar.
After a short time they established as the present-day (Gerard-guitar/vocals, Roi-main vocals/bass, alex-drums) and took the name of Haemophagia beginning like this to compose the songs that currently are showing.
In may of 2006 they recorded the first demo “Triple Shot Demo” in their own jam room/home studio with the help of their friend Francesc Moreno “Franki”. This one includes: Head shot, Vengeance through murder and Her body on a viscera bath.
Later, in the June of the same year the band recorded the single Head shot at Sonograma studios (Albatàrrec) whit Carlos Corzán as sound engineer.
Head shot was subsidized by Ilerrock and it is included in the CD Ilerrock IV. Nowadays the band is preparing what it will be its first CD.
17/3/07 the band sign with Pathologically Explicit Recordings for the edition of this CD.

Roger Santallusia - vocals / bass
Gerard Porqueres - guitars
Alex Medvedev - drums

Miquel Rey - Bass
Daniel Montalà - Bass 

Discographie :

  • 2007 From Sickness to Cult commentaires (0)
  • 2006 Triple Shot commentaires (0)

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