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The bleeding sun [Symphonic Black Death]
Origine : SPAIN (08)
Année de création : 0000
Statut : Actif

Groupe ajouté le 22/07/2007 12:07:00 par darquos
Dernière MAJ le 23/02/2009 09:02:32 par Alexandre

Line up actuel :

Chant : Markvs
Chant et chant : Uryol
Guitare : Bufal ( Nemesis Aeterna)
Batterie : Slave
Synthé et violon : Norvack

Ancien line up :

Guitare de ???? à ???? : Isaac ( ex-Black tear Malaverany)

Biographie :


THE BLEEDING SUN have been around for several years now with their version of Symphonic Black/Death Metal.
They have played dozens of concerts and shared the bill with well-known national and even international acts (Avulsed, Numen, Kronos, Eczema, Vidres A La Sang, Dark Funeral, Ancient, and much more).
Their presence in Spanish and international media has been constant, they have received from very good to excellent reviews of their albums and live shows everywhere and have gained a great recognition from the audience if you consider that they have been releasing their material without having a label, but no impediment for them to be well-known among the Spanish underground and many other countries.
The band has evolved throughout the years, beginning with their approach to what has been called Avantgarde Black Metal (people compared the band to others like Arcturus, Emperor or Borknagar), then mutating to a more personal approach with their second album “Damnatorium” , and with the imminent release of a third album, The Bleeding Sun emerges as one of the most powerful Black/Death Metal bands in Spain, with a brutal and symphonic approach, preparing to take over the world letting the bleeding sun rise again.“The Earthquake Machine”, their third and best album to date, was recorded at the flourishing AXtudio (Asgaroth, Embellish, Vidres A La Sang, Symawrath, Trobar de Morte…) with the help of Mr. Ax, the guitar player in the famous Spanish Dark Metal band Asgaroth (now in Peaceville Records). The new album offers a mixture of Black/Death/Thrash with a feeling. Combining that with an energic and even more powerful live performance, that means aggressiveness, brutality, speed, that means flowing emotions and even some catchy choruses, a mix of influences that we could describe as an earthquake, and earthquake of level 8 in the Richter scale, described as: “Great earthquake, great destruction, damage over several 100 km.”

Bloody Zine Vol.2 Cd – 2001 – with the track “The ravens are crying blood again”
Dissidència Sònica Cd – 2001 – with the track “The ravens are crying blood again”
Hell Awaits Cd Sampler nº 6 Cd – 2002 – with the track “Gods of the Promised Land”
Knockout (Lakausa)Cd – 2003 – with the track “On thorns you lay (Black Rose)”
Hell Awaits Cd Sampler nº 27 Cd – 2003 – with the track “Rusted cage”
A Treasury of Sorrows 2004 (Lifeless Records) Cd – 2004 – with the track “Three withered spirits”
Xtreemities (Xtreem Music) Cd – 2005 – with the track “Three withered spirits”

Discographie :

  • 2005 THE EARTHQUAKE MACHINE commentaires (0)
  • 2003 DAMNATORIUM commentaires (0)
  • 2002 NESSARE commentaires (0)
  • 2001 THE RAVENS ARE CRYING BLOOD AGAIN commentaires (0)

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